• Mobile Apps & Software

    ALLWEB is specialized in Mobile and Software development as well as IT infrastructure management and support. We provide custom software solutions for both desktop and mobile use that fit your business with a wide range of technology. Most of the components we’ve built for more than 10 years implement complex business logic independently from deployment considerations.

    Our software developers use the latest software tools to undertake the development process efficiently. We focus on the needs of both small as well as the most complex projects, dealing with Mobile Apps design, Cloud technology, SaaS or VM management for example.

    Do you want to bring your business to Mobile? ALLWEB Mobile Platform is the Solution:

    ALLWEB Mobile Solutions enables:

    • Support for Any Device - Build applications once, and run them on all devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile
    • Stunning Usability - With the ALLWEB Mobile Platform we ensure highly usable applications that lead to high user adoption rates
    • Fast and Risk-Free Change - Quickly deliver new functionality and change requests without ever breaking your applications

    Our development services related to software are known for implementing the best practices in the industry. Through our services, we have always made our clients extremely satisfied. Our software development services suite encompasses all that is required to build any application, from consulting advices to live deployment. Our development services are available in all technologies and designed to worldwide customers.

    We follow a Hybrid Agile-Waterfall model for all our development processes to ensure higher reactivity and best quality through the whole project. Each Waterfall tasks are designed to implement the Agile methodology advantages.

    Any project to be achieved with High Quality Standards? Let us call you back!

  • Website & Website +

    Website offer

    The best way to get known on the WEB!

    • 5 designed templates: pick your preferred one
    • Very Fast Go Live: 2 weeks
    • You give us the text and media content, we implement it fast!
    • Boost your company profile and products through the Web!
    • Sign up for Dynamic and Secured website!
    Website Offer includes:
    • Implementation of personalized content with text / photos
    • High performance delivery within 2 weeks
    • SEO optimized Website: get ready to be worldwide known!
    • Domain name registration: give us the name you want and we do the online registration for you!
    • Website hosting with professional service and reliable uptime 24/7
    • Website maintenance: 1 month offered
    Website Offer Templates
    Website plus

    Want to get more functionalities than our Website Offer? The Website + Offer is here for you!

    From Mobile App for iOS / Androïd to Forum and Email management, Website + is the solution!

    Go Live in 1 month only!

    Website Offer + includes:
    • Website Offer features included
    • Email management with Hosting services
    • Mobile version for any devices (iOS, Androïd)
    • High performance delivery within 1 month
    • Many options to choose, like:
      • Forum management
      • Blog management
      • Live Chat
      • And many more!
    Website Plus Module Templates
    Forum Management
    Forum Management
    Blog management
    Blog management
  • eCommerce & mCommerce

    Want to expand your shop from local market to worldwide one? Our eCommerce Solution is for you!

    Go Live in 1 month only!

    Get highly skilled consulting advices from ALLWEB professionals: the best way to make your online business growth fast! Choose among our professional designed template, and let’s take your activity to the next level, with powerful Multishop management, Secured ePayment, and so many more!

    eCommerce Offer includes:
    • Optimized Product display: Multiple pictures per products, Zoom-in on product photos, Display available quantities, Sort products by relevance / price, etc.
    • Quick product search tool: your customers will go straight to your product!
    • Coupons and vouchers management: increase your customers’ loyalty and attract new ones!
    • From one shop to multiple shops management: get an efficient and easy to use centralized management system!
    • High quality Analytics and Reports: manage the performance of your online shop from your desk. Realtime results for Order and sales, best performing categories, coupons, products, etc!
    • Domain name registration: give us the name you want and we do the online registration for you!
    • Website hosting with professional service and reliable uptime 24/7: Your shop is now opened for online customers anytime!
    • Optional: Want to deploy your shop also on mobile phone and tablet use? Let’s take the mCommerce option! (+2 weeks in delivery)
    E-Commerce Offer Templates
    E-Commerce Template 1
    E-Commerce Baby Store
    E-Commerce Template Two
    E-Commerce Template Two
    E-Commerce Template Bady Clothing
    E-Commerce Template Bady Clothing
    E-Commerce Template Food Store
    E-Commerce Template Food Store
  • Hosting Solutions & Domain Registration

    Hosting solution

    ALLWEB Hosting Solution has provided since its creation in 2004 the best service on the net for our customers to build their individual and small business websites. Everything you need to get your personal or business website up and running is included in our hosting packages. When choosing a hosting solution for your web site, you have to decide based on your current needs and future ambitions and potentials. Our consulting experts can help you to choose the right one meeting your requirements. From a simple hosting to one built on a Secured Cloud System with dedicated hardware, ALLWEB experts are here to advice you the best solution for your business.

    • Reliable, fast andsecured
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Professional support
    • For any budget size
    • Easily host multiple site
    • FreeBSD and Linux
    • Apache 2,MySQL 5, PHP 5
    • Many free applications

    A domain name is the first step in establishing a web identity, signifying your ownership of a unique address on the internet. At ALLWEB Co., Ltd, this name whether for business or personal purpose is your property, we provide to you the tools to ease your purchase and ownership experience. A domain name combined with ALLWEB Co., Ltd's advanced services will allow you to host a website, send and receive email through that unique address, and other countless options. Every domain registration includes the following domain tools:

    • URL Forwarding : Redirect traffic from one domain to another
    • Email Forwarding : Automatically forward emails to other valid email addresses
    • DNS Management : Retain total control over your DNS records
    • Transfer Lock : Protect your domain from unauthorized domain transfers

    There's no reason to spend a lot for a domain name.

    Take advantage of our already low negotiated prices and register with us today!

  • IT & Strategy Consulting

    Information technology should improve business results. ALLWEB CO LTD helps companies make sure it does. We look at IT issues strategically, in the broader context of our clients' business. Our experts provide an objective, independent perspective to help companies realize the full potential of their IT resources, investments and assets.

    What we do?

    We draw on global experience across industries and technologies to help solve companies’ most complex IT challenges. More than 40% of our work is done in the context of major transformation in the business or in IT.

    We bring a full range of IT capabilities to a variety of IT business situations, including:

    • IT Strategy Development : Information technology helps companies transform themselves and grow their business.
    • IT Performance Improvement : Under-performing IT hurts business performance.
    • IT Project Effectiveness : ALLWEB CO LTD helps clients to maximize their business results from major IT initiatives, including turnaround programs.
    IT & Strategy Consulting Model
    IT & Strategy Consulting Model

    Any project to be achieved with High Quality Standards? Let our IT Strategy Consultants call you back!

  • Network and IT Support

    ALLWEB CO LTD provides high quality IT system design and installation services for all of our valuable customers.

    We are working with general contractors, IT consultants, system furniture vendors, etc. We understand that time is money, and jobs must absolutely stay on schedule. ALLWEB provides high quality support whatever your business is, with premium manufacturer products, and a timely and professional installation.

    Server Room installation
    Server Room installation

    From single building environment to multiple site factory management, ALLWEB has the expertise, resources, and experience to handle any cabling environment. Our daily concerns for our clients is Cost effectiveness, highly reactive and flexible support in tackling the most challenging IT system installation.

    High Quality Network Infrastructure
    High Quality Network Infrastructure

    We are with you at every step, rom site survey and needs assessment to installation and project close-out. At project completion, you will have a standards compliant cabling system, as-built drawings including labeling schemes and routing plan, comprehensive test reports, and extended manufacturers warranties on all ALLWEB supplied and installed products.

    Any network installation or IT support to be achieved with High Quality Standards?

    Let our experts call you back!